• Dr. Brittany Gregory
    Dr. Brittany Gregory

    Dr. Brittany Gregory is one of the only Webster Certified chiropractors in Van Buren County. She has a strong passion for family and pediatric care. She wants to help build a stronger, healthier community right here in Van Buren County.  Dr. Gregory has always been very active in the outdoors. Her hobbies include spending time with her 10 month old daughter, running, hunting, wakeboard, and reading.

  • Dr. Joshua Hines
    Dr. Joshua Hines

    Dr. Joshua Hines  chose to be a chiropractor because while he was a patient, he was educated about the importance of a proper functioning nervous system, and that chiropractic care does more than just treat pain. While under care, he quickly realized he was getting more than just relief of pain symptoms.

    In his spare time, Dr. Hines loves spending time outdoors with his daughter, wake boarding, camping, and bike riding. He also likes to read and play guitar. 

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